onyx black roof
Photo by Owens Corning

Our Vision for Integrity Building & Roofing

A workplace where we provide opportunity for our team members. We desire every team member to have an opportunity to work at a place where they can earn a great living, develop as a person, and have an exciting career that provides security for their family.

A business that builds relationships of trust with their customers. We are in the people business, we just happen to be in the roofing industry. Our desire is to give our clients peace of mind through the process.

A company who sets a new standard for roofing contractors. We desire for roofing contractors to be viewed as industry professionals. We are pursuing to change the perception of roofing contractors by education our clients, investing in our team, and giving back to our community.

Our Mission

Building a culture of integrity that gains trust in our clients, one roof at a time.

To Our Team Members Integrity Means

“Doing to others what you would have them do to you.” – Andrew

“Doing the right thing when no one is looking.” – Niko

“Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly about you, no one would believe it.” – Melanie

“You have character to do the right thing at all times. It’s when you have solutions, and no excuses.” – Edy

“Following up on your word, no matter what happens in the end. Practice what you preach.” – Anthony

We believe that with a company culture of integrity, our clients will see the character of our team members, and the value of our product.